Winter Morning, Mill Creek



I really enjoy being in nature in the morning.  Colors are so much more saturated, Lights and shadows are stronger.  Even the plainest, ugliest places look beautiful, and pretty places become breathtaking.

Last december, my daughter and I went looking at waterfalls in Indiana with my dad. We were at Cataract Falls State Recreation area, where Mill Creek enters  Cagles Mill Lake.  The river was way up, which made the falls interesting, but this painting is from below the falls. I loved the graphic nature of the trees poking up out of the swollen river, and the cool blues contrasting with all the yellows. It was gorgeous.  This is quite an abstract landscape, and a stronger painting because of it.

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April 8, 2014

Susie @ 9:30 am #

One of my favorites! This is absolutely beautiful!!

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