Winter, College Street



I have been teaching a Watercolor class for the Academy of Fine Arts, here in Lynchburg. I hadn’t done a whole lot of watercolor painting in a long time, but I have been finding it quite fun. We are participating in an arts and crafts fair in Staunton, Virginia, this weekend, and so I have been looking for some less expensive options for those thrifty art buyers.

This is the street I lived on in Macon, GA, looking toward the cemetery and the river. I always enjoyed the view down the road, and the changes that light, and season, would make on this view. This is on a cool, humid, Georgia day in December. The atmospheric perspective, looking out across the hills and trees, is my favorite thing about this view, as well as the random pops of color from the traffic lights.

When looking for something interesting to paint, start with what is around you.  Some of the most interesting views are those people take for granted, like looking down the street.

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July 1, 2010

Margaret Slack @ 4:20 pm #

Good job, Jared. I love watercolor paintings. I see some very nice treatments in your painting.

Susie @ 5:04 pm #

I think this will be very popular at the arts and crafts fair!

Sarah @ 6:25 pm #

I really like this! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you do watercolor.

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