Sometimes I paint something, and it doesn’t turn out nice. Thankfully, it is not a waste of paint. Oft times I will paint over it and have my painting turn out well.

This is an example of a canvas that has 3 different things painted on it. I started out with a painting I don’t even remember. Later I had to do a color wheel for a class, and I just painted it over whatever the first painting was. Finally I painted this.

All of the layers add something to this painting. There is a richness to the quality of the paint, and to the different colors. The texture is exquisite. None of this would have happened without being willing to paint over a mediocre painting.

This painting is very bright. This happens because of the way I have used color and value. I am using a complementary color scheme. Blue and Orange work together, strengthening each other. I also have some light and dark, and some neutral versions of the colors to help the bright colors read stronger.

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June 21, 2010

Jennifer @ 2:09 pm #

It’s fun to see how the three paintings all contributed to the texture.

June 22, 2010

nicole @ 9:48 am #

It looks like a patriotic painting

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