I love storms. I am awed by nature and it’s beauty. Storms are so powerful, and are truly sublime. Yesterday, driving home from Georgia, I drove through a supercell thunderstorm. It stretched from Columbia, South Carolina, to Charlotte, North Carolina. The winds whipped my truck, and caused the trees to dance before it. Lightning spread like spiderwebs across the sky. Rain pounded down. The clouds were in the most interesting shapes, like scallops, and castles, and all kinds of stuff, moving down. On the edges, the sun shining through made the world bright orange. It was beautiful, and scary.

This painting is large, to increase visual experience. It is about a  strong storm, and the way it interacts with man made things. I love storms, and the power of nature, especially in wetter, humid climates.

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June 16, 2010

Susie @ 9:09 am #

I really like this painting, and I especially like your description of the storm. I think your talents include writing, too! Is a book in your future?

Jennifer @ 9:55 am #

I agree! I love the painting (as always I like it more when I understand what it represents), but the description is what most grabbed me. Wonderful visual pictures, created by words!

Sarah @ 10:12 pm #

I love the energy in the painting. I do think that you portrayed the power of the storm well.

June 18, 2010

Todd @ 12:54 am #

It’s amazing to me how you can paint wind!

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