The Hay House with Cherry Blossoms



Lynley and I had a nice time in Macon, Georgia for the cherry blossom festival. I have a group of fans down there that enjoy my Macon area paintings. In order to maybe make a few local sales I painted this picture. It is of the Hay House, one of the local mansions, from one of the parks looking past some cherry trees. I had a lot of interest in the painting, but hadn’t sold it. Last week I received a call from a person who wanted to buy it for his anniversary present. This is my most recently sold piece.

This mansion is just around the corner from my old apartment, in the beautiful, historic downtown area of Macon. Spring in Macon is amazingly beautiful. The cherry blossoms pop out because they are against a dark background. In order to give them depth I have multiple layers of color in the trees.

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May 20, 2010

John Myers @ 9:14 am #

I know that house! Great painting Jared!

May 21, 2010

Susie @ 10:09 am #

Just beautiful, Jared!!

June 16, 2010

Margaret Slack @ 9:43 am #

How fortunate you are to be able to enjoy the vibrant display of cherry blossoms. So appropriately displayed against those buildings. Lovely!

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