Sheldonian Theatre


On our trip to England we had the chance to visit one of the worlds oldest universities, Oxford. It was a pretty place full of buildings built in the local Cotswold Oolitic Limestone. (For those of you familiar with the Manti LDS Temple, It is also yellow Oolitic Limestone.)  There were many interesting buildings, and our guide gave us a good background of the UK university system.

The roundish building in the center of the painting is the Sheldonian Theatre.  This is where Oxford students graduate.  Their graduations are in small groups, and can be any time of the year, whenever they finish. The busts along the street are called the Philosophers. They were interesting to see.

The other two buildings are parts of colleges, which are private, but part of the Oxford University system.  Basically Colleges are kind of like fraternities in the US.

Tysonian Theatre

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