Secret Village


I love moody overcast sky and rain.  The rain amplifies color, and the sky has such amazing shapes and colors.  Weather has always inspired me.

This latest painting of my series about Britain is of a village nestled in the hills in sheep country.  The homes are centuries old, and beautiful. This village is composed of a few houses and a church, mostly made from the local limestone. In the distance you can see the hills, with fields and hedgerows. It is such a private retreat, not much modern around.

I hope you enjoy!
Secret Village

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August 1, 2014

Tom Slack @ 3:28 pm #

This is great. I love your skies. This is what Mom and I were driving through eighteen years ago.

October 17, 2016

DENISE TIPTON @ 9:22 am #

You have captured the epitome of a true English hamlet. This painting gives me warmth yet a feeling of homesickness.

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