I was teaching a Color and Design class at Miami University on a beautiful fall day in 2001. My advisor came in and stopped class. “Two Airplanes just flew into the World Trade Center,” he announced sadly. At first I just thought maybe it was a couple of small, Lear-type jets. Later at lunch I saw the horrifying truth.

This painting is my memoriam to the tragedy that was 9/11. I remembered standing on top of the observation deck only 2 years earlier. I painted a tall form roughly in the shape of one of the towers, and to represent the chaos I used the swirling shapes, like a storm. The building is fragmented and painted using different techniques to represent the destruction that took place that day.

Since that day, we have all lost a naivety, an innocence. Travel has become much more complicated. Our role in the world has changed. More of our soldiers are being sent off to defend our country. Our enemies are a lot harder to identify.

I hope we never have to deal with anything like this again. It has become like the Kennedy assasination for my generation. We all remember where we were when we first heard the news, and exactly what we were doing.

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April 7, 2010

Sarah @ 12:41 pm #

Cool painting. I always love hearing your descriptions. They really make your paintings come alive.

Margaret Slack @ 4:20 pm #

I really appreciate your explanation and reason for your painting commemorating 9/11. As you say, we’ll remember forever where we were when we heard that news. Very expressive painting.

Jennifer @ 4:45 pm #

A very interesting painting for a very sad period of history. Again, the explanation made the painting more appreciated!

Susie @ 5:57 pm #

Your feelings are well-portrayed in this painting. I like your explanation of the fragmented building and the storm that was created that day.

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