Watercolor is a fun medium.  I first learned to paint with watercolor. When i was in junior high and it was too cold to fish, My dad and I would do watercolor fishing pictures.  My Great Uncle published a great book about watercolors, called “Making your Watercolors Sing.” He made a living as a watercolor artist, so it was only natural that my first painting classes in college were watercolor.  I loved it!

After a few semesters I took Oil Painting.  It became all the painting I did, and still is my main focus.  For 11 years I left watercolor behind, until I was asked to teach a watercolor class, in Lynchburg, Virginia.  I found I enjoyed it. It was a good compliment and change from my oil painting.

This painting is called Reflections. I painted it about a year ago.  This year it was part of the professional division at the state fair.  I love the contrasting colors. The variations in the sky and the trees can only happen the way they do with watercolor.


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