Some of the most interesting art I make is when I paint over something that didn’t quite work out. This is an example of doing that. I had done a still life demo for a painting class.  It was of fruits and vegetables. It kind of worked, but not really. Later I decided the fruits and vegetables would look nice as shapes in this painting. I was able to play off the colors and shapes by using linear shapes, and cool and warm colors. The orbs added interesting areas that the eyes stopped on and created a pattern which helps movement. They are notes which contrast with the greater harmony of the piece.

Music and Art are related, in that both use the same elements. One of my favorite art theory books was written by the great abstract painter, Wassily Kandinsky. It is called, “Concerning the Spiritual in Art.” He discusses how color is like notes, and can create harmonies or dissonance. If an artist understands color and how to use it, an artist is able to create emotional experiences for the viewer, in a similar way that a composer can do this with music.

I strive for this in my artwork.

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April 13, 2010

Margaret Slack @ 1:29 pm #

Between you and your famous artist Dad, I’m getting quite an education in how, what and why to paint. Thanks, Jared!

Susie @ 5:45 pm #

The analogy of colors and notes is fascinating and makes a lot of sense. I would say that you created quite a symphony with this colorful painting!

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