For my birthday this year we went to the Outer Banks.  I love exploring my new home state, and in the 3.5 years we have lived here, I had never been over there. One thing we did was drive Route 12 down to Okracoke and then take a ferry back to the mainland. We saw lots of dunes, scrub brush, interesting little towns with romantic names, like Rodanthe, but probably the most picturesque place was Okracoke.

Okracoke is one of the most remote places at least in the Eastern US, if not the mainland US. It is located on a small island only reachable by ferry. From the mainland that is a 3 hour ride, and it is a 40 minute ferry ride and 15 minute drive from Hatteras, the closest town on the Outer Banks. Most of the buildings are built on stilts, because the highest elevation on the island is only 5 feet. It floods in hurricanes, or even strong storms.

The town is very picturesque. It surrounds Silver Lake, it’s protected harbor.  There is a British military cemetery here, from World War II.  When British ships were sunk off the Outer Banks, the bodies washed up on Okracoke, and were buried here.

Probably the most famous former resident of Okracoke was Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard.  He used the island as a hideout, and was killed here.


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