Mid Morning at the White Tower


I love history.  I especially  love British history.  As an american, especially as an Angl0- American, I feel like British history is a continuation of my history. If it wasn’t for the Magna Carta, there would be no constitution.  If it wasn’t for Parliament, there would be no US Congress. It was a thrill therefore to go to England last summer and see where some of these great things happened.

One place I have always wanted to visit was the Tower of London. The White Tower, which is the central building in the complex was started by William the conquerer, and has served as everything from a fortress, to a church, to most famously, a prison.  For over a thousand years, it dominated the skyline of London.

This painting has my wife and a few other tourists milling about the tower, soon after the grounds opened for tourists.
Mid Morning at the White Tower

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