I really enjoy being in nature. I love the beauty of the outdoors, the quiet sounds of the wind, plants and animals. My Dad and I spent a lot of time fishing in our canoe.  We enjoyed watching nature. We have seen all kinds of animals wandering around.  I still fish although it isn’t nearly as fun since my dad lives 10 hours away. I do love watching the water, and the subtle beauty and peace that it creates.

I painted this sitting on the banks of the Ocmulgee River. I had a fishing line out, but I wasn’t too serious about the fishing. I was enjoying the colors of the reflections, and the way they were distorted in the water.  I had fun watching the wildlife.  I was trying to capture the feeling of the place.

It is very important when making a painting to consider the feeling that you are trying to capture.  Thinking about the time of day, the light conditions, the smells, the sounds, all inform the way you paint.  This will give your paintings life.

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March 16, 2010

Susie @ 10:24 am #

Great advice about capturing the feeling you are experiencing! I love the colors in this painting and the look of the reflection.

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