London at Twilight



London is a really neat place. One thing i loved about it was the ancient buildings next to the contemporary buildings.  There is so much beautiful architecture. I love some of the Iconic buildings, like the Houses of Parliament, or the Tower Bridge, which we see part of in the painting.

One day while we were visiting, we went on an evening cruise on the Thames. I love morning and evening.  The skies were gorgeous, and London lights up their bridges and buildings in bright colors.  It was beautiful.

This painting shows one of the towers of Tower bridge, the Tower of  London underneath the span of the bridge, and some of the newer skyscrapers, including the Gherkin (the pickle shaped tower on the right.)
London at Twilight

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August 6, 2014

Tom Slack @ 9:08 am #

You’ve had a break-through lately. After doing basically the same thing for years, you’ve found a new, exciting direction direction which will make you much more successful and credible.

October 17, 2016

DENISE TIPTON @ 9:18 am #

It’s this painting that drew me to your art during Weaverville Octoberfest. You bought me a small taste of home. Beautiful paintings of home.

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