Indianapolis Temple


My nephew said it all when he was quoted for a newspaper article.  He said “It is our temple!”  Our church builds beautiful temples to worship God in, and to do ordinances that link families together eternally.  They are very sacred, and are  only open to the public before they are dedicated.  This is the Indianapolis Temple. It was just dedicated this month.  It is the first temple in Indiana, which has been my family’s home since the late 1990s. A lot of my nieces and nephews were born and raised here, so we were all very excited when this temple was announced in 2012.

I have tried to capture the beauty of the temple lit up at twilight.  This is based off a photo my sister, Sarah, took during the Open house.  I have not had a chance to see it myself yet, but hope to next week while I am in Indiana.
Indianapolis Temple

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