Hayden Peak


When I was a kid, I loved camping.  I especially loved going with my dad, uncles, cousins and grandpa on fathers and sons outings.  One of my favorite places to go was Mirror Lake, in the High Uinta Mountains of Utah.  It is where my dad, both grandpas, and others would go camping.

Mirror Lake is a magical spot.  It is at 10050 feet elevation, so it stays cool all year, and only is accessible between July and September, but for that short window we would go up there almost every week.  It is flanked by mountains, the pyramid shaped Bald Mountain on on side, and the more interesting but further away, Hayden Peak.  This is a view of Hayden Peak in September.  It had just snowed, and was wild and beautiful.  This was my favorite time to be at the lake.

One September, we were up here in a blizzard in the canoe. We sang jingle bells, and caught a ton of fish.  I love this place.

Hayden Peak

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