Grand County Afternoon


Our nation is beautiful and varied.  In 2013 our family took a trip out west. I have always enjoyed driving across the country, and seeing the landscape change. We crossed from Appalachian peaks and greenery, to lush Midwest farms, on to the treeless plains, cut by badlands, across the rugged, snow capped Rockies, and into the Great Basin. We timed our travels to be at the peak of spring.

On this trip, we visited Arches national park (as well as about 10 others.) It was my first time, which, considering I lived in Utah for about half of my life, is kind of suprising. I enjoyed the different colors of rocks, and the way the oranges of the close landscape contrasted with the cool blues of the distant shaded mountains.

This is a small, quick sketch of what I saw.


Grand County Afternoon

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