Early Riser



Fishermen are a strange breed.  We like to rise before the sun, and be out on the water while there is a cold nip in the air. My Dad and I would be up at 4, so we could be on the water not long after sunrise.  That early hour is a magical private world, filled with stillness, beauty and magic. It is great watching the mist rise off a perfect mirror of a lake, clouds being colored by the solar painter, the quiet gurgle of the water rushing by, and a clear mind.  What a great time to do thinking!  Animals and fish are more active, and are acceptable disturbances to the solitude.

This painting is a fisherman on a winter morning. It is so early that the rocks he is standing on are in shadow, while the trees and water across the way are turned fiery by the morning sun. Because he is fishing a moving river, the reflections are distorted, but still beautiful.

I would love to be out there today!

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April 8, 2014

Susie @ 9:35 am #

I love your stories as much as your paintings. The way you have created the sun coming up and reflecting in the water is magical.

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