Down the Trail


Down the Trail

Today I went hiking with my little girl.  It was a beautiful late winter day.  We headed about 20 minutes down the road to try out a trail I had seen on my topographical map, but had never hiked.  It looked short and fun, which is perfect for a two year old.

One especially fun part of the hike was descending a mountain toward the Uwharrie Trail. Since it is still winter and the leafs are not out yet, there was a great view of the ridge across the ravine. I was actually carrying my daughter at this point, and so was not able to take a picture, so this is a watercolor based on my memory of the hike.

This painting uses overlapping and atmospheric perspective (objects becoming lighter and more blue the further they are from you) to show distance. The greenery comes from the American Holly in the understory, and the scattered pines, both which are common in this part of North Carolina. We were hiking in the Uwharrie Mountains, a very low, ancient mountain range that we live in. It is close and fun to explore.

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April 8, 2014

Susie @ 9:25 am #

What beautiful colors! And what fun to hike so many beautiful places with your little hiker buddy. I’m sure she will have the same eye for the beauty of the world that you do as she grows up.

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