Oil Painting Technique


Watching water flow is so calming. When I was little, I used to build dams in my gutter, to watch the water build up and flow around it.  When we were by a creek, i would race sticks down the stream. Water chuckling in a stream is a wonderful outdoor sound.


Sometimes we have to go with instinct. Sometimes we need to change what we do, simplify, and just let it happen. I was painting with Lynley one day, and I had some paint on my hands. I wiped it on the canvas. She told me to do the whole painting like that. I was to […]


Earlier this week I posted a view of Apple Orchard Falls, from close up. I was showing the movement of the water, and focusing on the composition. The next day I painted this painting, a different view of Apple Orchard falls. This painting shows the whole falls. Again, this is one of my favorite places […]


I am interested in my Genealogy, and the cultures of my ancestors. I especially am fond of learning about Britain. My Mother’s family was from Wiltshire, the area of England where Stonehenge, and Avebury are. I am interested in the large stone circles the ancient Britons made, as well as the other megalithic monuments. This […]


Taccoa Falls is a beautiful waterfall in northeast Georgia that I first visited with my wife, when we were first dating. Soon after she graduated from medical school, and I wanted to give her a special gift. I painted this for her to remember that time. I used impasto technique to capture the physicality of […]