I love water. I don’t know if this comes from growing up in the desert, or maybe being a swimmer, and a fisherman. I think that it is beautiful. This painting is about being underwater. I have used the cool colors to create the feeling of being deep in an aquatic environment.
This is a large painting. It is 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide. The scale of the piece helps one feel a part of the painting. It fills your field of vision when you stand close to it.

I used this painting as my postcard for my MFA exhibition.

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Monsoon is a painting about thunderstorms.  We had been in the middle of a drought.  Everything had turned brown and yellow.  Even the Okefenokee swamp had caught fire because of the draught.  It was also very hot, and the air conditioner in my car had gone out. One day a thunderstorm came through, and broke […]

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I love water in all of it’s forms. I love clouds, and mist. I love cascading streams, and mighty rivers.  I love clear lakes, and grand oceans. I even love swamps.  This painting shows these different ways that water works. It flows as clouds around the geometric shapes, much as clouds flow around peaks or […]

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