Birkhead Mountain Summer



I enjoy the landscape. I think God is the greatest artist ever, because he created such a beautiful world for us to live in. Birkhead Mountain Summer is an example of this.One day, a week or so ago, I was just driving down some country road,  a few minutes from my house, when this view opened up to me.  I loved seeing the Birkhead mountain area of the Uwharries pop up above the trees, and see the field with its many color variations.

This painting is a good example of atmospheric perspective, the idea that objects that are closer to us appear darker, warmer, and with brighter colors. Details are more in focus. As things are farther from us, they are less clear, cooler in tone (like the far blue mountains) and lighter, until they are hardly distinguishable from the sky.

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August 16, 2011

Jennifer @ 11:45 am #

I can’t wait to come see all of these beautiful places for myself! 🙂

Tom Slack @ 4:57 pm #

This is a very nice painting, Jared.

Todd @ 5:01 pm #

I was immediately struck by your use of light and shadow and the many green variants. Beautiful!

Margaret Slack @ 5:25 pm #

Very nice landscape, Jared. Love your use of color.

Margaret Slack @ 5:26 pm #

Such a nice landscape, Jared, and I love your colors.

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