Belle Riviera


The Ohio River is one of the prettiest big rivers in America. It flows from Pittsburg, PA, to its confluence with theĀ  Mississippi, below St Louis. It was the main highway for pioneers after the revolutionary war.

One of my favorite days that Dad and I went exploring, we drove through Southern Indiana, along the Ohio river. We started in Rising Sun, visiting a gallery that we both were part of. Then we followed the river to Madison, one of my Dad’s favorite towns. I took Dad to the college, just outside of town. My Graduate Advisor had an art show there, and it was a fun campus. We went there, looked around, and enjoyed going to their overlook of the river. It is a beautiful site, since the school is located on the bluffs above the Ohio.

In this painting, I have tried to capture that view, and the beauty of the river down below.

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April 30, 2010

Margaret Slack @ 10:13 am #

Great picture, Jared. I loved going to Rising Sun and to Madison, so the painting brings back such delightful memories.

May 6, 2010

Susie @ 11:17 pm #

This is SO pretty, Jared! The colors are exquisite!!

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