Before the Storm


The Philippines Islands are beautiful. When I was 19 I had the opportunity to serve as a missionary there. I remember riding in the back of a Jeepney, looking across rice fields to bamboo houses on stilts up against the jungle. It was so cool and different from any place I had ever been. I wondered what the people would be like, because the place looked so different.

Over time I got to know the people and realized that they felt, thought, and acted just like us. This was an important lesson to learn, that although people might live in completely different circumstances, and look very different, all people are basically the same on the inside.

This painting is of the sugar mill town of San Enrique, Iloilo. This was the afternoon before a typhoon hit the island. The clouds were low and menacing, and you can see how the rice field was starting to be bent down.

One of my favorite parts of this painting is the negative spaces that the banana’s leaves make against the sky.

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April 22, 2010

Margaret Slack @ 10:56 am #

Great description, both in words and painting. Gives me a real feel for the Philippines.

Christine @ 2:47 pm #

This is a very good painting. Thanks for sharing.

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