Bankside, Old and New


London is such a cool city. There is so much history and culture. Modern buildings are next to thousand year old walls. When we were in London we got to do a evening cruise on the Thames. It was a great way to get to know the city as the river flows through the heart of London.  As it got dark, the bridges and buildings were lit up in beautiful colors.

This painting is a view of Southwark, the part of London directly across from the old City of London. Here we have the rebuilt Globe Theatre, based off of Shakespeare’s theatre, next to the Tate Modern, a museum of contemporary art in an old power generation station.  In the foreground is the Bankside pier, and you can see the glow off of the Bankside shops and restaurants. The blue on the right is the Millennium Bridge, which crosses the Thames between the Tate Modern, and St Pauls. 

I love this unique view, and want to go back!

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