At Apple Orchard Falls

Earlier this week I posted a view of Apple Orchard Falls, from close up. I was showing the movement of the water, and focusing on the composition. The next day I painted this painting, a different view of Apple Orchard falls. This painting shows the whole falls. Again, this is one of my favorite places in Virginia.

It is fun to show the different characteristics of the same subject. That is why artists do series of paintings of the same thing. For example, Claude Monet did his haystack series, painting the same haystacks, in different lights, different times of day, and different compositions. It is a great way to play with the elements of art and composition, since you already have a subject you have explored.

I hope you enjoy this painting of a beautiful place.

Comments on At Apple Orchard Falls

May 8, 2010

Chuck @ 9:15 am #

Wow! What a great painting!

Margaret Slack @ 1:00 pm #

You certainly have some exciting areas to put on canvas for posterity. This one’s great!

November 17, 2011

Patrick Cole @ 5:07 pm #

I am the proud owner of this painting! I bought this for my wife yesterday at the Macon Arts Alliance in Macon, Georgia, for the occassion of our 10th wedding anniversary. I have looked at it for weeks, trying to decide between this and and another landscape, and finally decided on this painting when I felt inspired to write a poem to my wife entitled “Our River.” I gave her both the poem and the painting, and it is something we will always treasure. Your creativity sparked my own. Great job Jared…I’m proud to own a piece of your work, and perhaps I will shop your catalog for our next anniverary. (By the way, they had this listed as “Maybry Mill.” Is this the same place? Take care.
Patrick Cole, Warner Robins, Georgia.

November 24, 2011