Apple Orchard Falls


When my wife first moved up to Lynchburg, Virginia, I was very excited.  It looked like a beautiful city. A month later I came up for graduation of the upper class, and was excited to be able to see mountains. One of my favorite past-times is being in the mountains, but I had lived away from them for 10 years.

I started hiking around the Blue Ridge mountains every time I was in town long enough. Apple Orchard falls was one of my first hikes here, and I have returned many times.

Apple Orchard falls is beautiful but different every season of the year. In winter, it is easiest to see the whole falls, as the leaves are not on the trees. Spring has a high water flow, and the rhododendrans around the falls are blooming. Summer is lush, and beautiful. In the fall, the water level is lower, but there are less hikers, and the leaves floating in the water add an interesting touch of color.

I have portrayed the falls in summer. I have included some foliage to give an impression of the trees, and have focused on one area of the falls to show the dynamic quality of the water. This is a beautiful place, and well worth the hike!

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May 3, 2010

Sarah @ 5:45 pm #

This is a very nice painting. I love how you painted the movement of the water.

Phillip Bosen @ 9:13 pm #

This would make a nice going away gift. Very nice!

May 6, 2010

Susie @ 11:20 pm #

It’s amazing how the waterfall appears to be moving! Excellent painting, Jared!!

May 24, 2010

Padmini @ 12:11 pm #

LOL Jared, I think Phillip is trying to give you a hint…. :))))

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