I love color.  Deep rich color, cool, light color.  In order to make color appear strong, it needs contrast.  When I was teaching painting at the University of Southern Indiana,  I had a lot of students who loved to use strong colors.  The only problem was that all of their colors were strong.  It looked like a Circus, and because there was not a difference in the color strength, none of the colors look that bright.

In Albion, I used a complementary color scheme.  I used Blue-Green, and Red-Orange.  They are directly opposite on the color wheel. Because they are so different, they cause each other to look stronger. I also used a lot of neutral colors with my bright colors.  This really helps those bright colors to stand out.  The third contrast that I used is Value contrast, Dark vs Light. People notice this first because of the anatomy of our eyes.

I like this painting because I was able to get a feeling of an alpine landscape in this interesting abstract painting.  I love the colors, and the way the different textures are used!

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March 29, 2010

Susie @ 11:09 am #

I love the way you use color in your paintings! I really like your explanation of use of color, value, and texture, too.

Jennifer @ 1:15 pm #

I really enjoyed your explanation. I learned a lot and it made me appreciate the painting even more. Thanks!

March 30, 2010

Christine @ 8:35 am #

Wow! I think this painting is amazing.

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