Across the Sauratown Range



North Carolina has a lot of very interesting places. I have enjoyed visiting them and seeing the different landscapes all over the state. The Sauratown Range, a group of mountains in the northwestern part of the Piedmont, is one of my favorite parts of the state. It is close to home, and has beautiful, interesting mountains. Although not as tall as the Blue Ridge to the west, it is very scenic, with similar plant and animal life. There are two state parks in this small range, Pilot Mountain, which is the mountain in the foreground, and Hanging Rock state park, which is in the mountain in the background of the painting. Because of the many cliffs, these mountains attract many mountain climbers. There are also many waterfalls, and miles of beautiful trails.

I have used atmospheric perspective in this painting to emphasize distance, as well as overlapping of shapes. I love the strong shadows on the cliffs of Pilot Mountain. This is a fun painting that gives a strong feeling of what visiting this beautiful range on a summer’s day is like.

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September 16, 2011

Susie @ 11:58 pm #

You made me want to visit there!

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